DESSERT IMPOSTERS ~ Saturdays, May 6 and 13

DESSERT IMPOSTERS ~ Saturdays, May 6 and 13
Frank Jr. pulled the wool over many an eye as he made his way across the country — picking his professions as he went. As a pilot, “pie in the sky” was Frank’s dessert of choice. While making the rounds as Dr. Conners, he needed all the “brownie” points he could get (we’re serving ours with ice cream). And, in his role to solve the world’s legal problems, Frank Jr. often enjoyed a luscious lemon “bar” or two. We hope you’ll join us for some delicious deserts. All you have to do is go out to eat — and then bring us the receipt. No deception here — your dinner receipt in exchange for dessert!

On our first two Saturday shows (May 6 and 13), we want you to go grab dinner — at a restaurant of your choice — and then bring us the receipt. In exchange for your receipt, we’ll provide dessert on the patio before the show. Dessert will be served from 7:15 to 7:45 PM.
AND… to sweeten the deal (see what we did there?), one lucky participant’s receipt will be drawn at random and your dinner will be on us! (Well, the first $50 of it, anyway!)

So, on Saturday, May 6 and/or Saturday, May 13 — go #DineAroundTown, bring us the bill and enjoy dessert on the patio! Receipts must be dated May 6 or 13 with a time stamp of 4 PM or later. Don’t worry — if you run out of time to grab dinner, we’ll still serve you dessert for $3 — or choose two for $5. Water, soft drinks, beer and wine will also be available for purchase.

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