Information/Guidelines for Health & Safety

The following guidelines are intended to make those entering Town Theatre as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to create an environment where guests can feel safe at the theatre. Of course, individuals will still have a choice whether to attend based on their personal discretion.

  • We have air purification systems in the house, in the Moreau Youth Theatre Wing and the green room/dressing rooms that use needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology to deliver clean indoor air.
  • We have a ULV Cold Fogger and HOCl maker – allowing Town to generate and distribute disinfectant on site. The auditorium, dressing rooms/classrooms, stage, props area and backstage are fogged regularly.
  • Town Theatre spaces are cleaned regularly with special attention paid to high-touch areas.
  • Touchless hand sanitizer stations are spaced throughout the facility. Teachers also have hand sanitizer if students request.
  • If someone is sick, please stay home. Anyone with a fever over 100.4 should stay home until fever-free for 48-hours.
  • Effective Sept. 8, masks are required by Order of the City of Columbia.
  • Students and casts will work distanced when possible.
  • Guests attending performances will be able to re-locate (space permitting) if they find themselves uncomfortable.

These guidelines are subject to change.

Reviewed September 8, 2021