All It Takes is a Spark… Chasing Dreams… Anything Can Happen if You Let It

Guest blog by Betsy Jackson

Betsy and her son Nathan getting ready to fly a kite! Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Last summer my family was introduced to the theatre experience when my youngest child Nathan was cast as Michael Darling in Town’s production of Peter Pan.  Not knowing what we had gotten ourselves into is quite an understatement.  Right before our eyes something magical happened! I will never forget the way my heart felt, or the tear that dripped down my face when I saw the first full run of the show.  It is a feeling as a mother that will stay with me forever.  There Nathan was chasing his dreams without any fear of what was to come, and loving every minute of it!  I’ll have to admit watching the show made me a little jealous! I had always wanted to do something like that, but unlike Nathan I was afraid.  

It was in the production of White Christmas, that the news had spread that this year’s summer show would be Mary Poppins.  There was immediate excitement among our household.  It’s practically all that was talked about for months.  Even during a family trip to Disney back in March, no one wanted to leave Magic Kingdom until we found Mary Poppins and got her autograph.  I think it was then that a tiny little spark welled up in me that maybe I too wanted to be a part of something this fantastic.  I remember telling family and friends that I was thinking of auditioning myself.  To be honest I got some differed responses. From, “YOU? What are you going to do?” (to which I responded, I don’t know, maybe I’ll ‘Fly a Kite’) to “Oh my gosh that’s awesome, you should!”  Still I had not completely made up my mind.  But then the night came for auditions and with the help of a friend, I chased away my fears and I did it!  I remember driving home that night thinking, no matter what, I was so proud that I had overcome my fear and auditioned for a show! Something I had always dreamed of doing.  

So here I am.  A member of the Mary Poppins cast.  And Guess What?  I get to “Go Fly a Kite” with my sweet Nathan right beside me! Ha! There are no words to describe the feelings inside of me.  My heart is so full!  Not only do I get to share this experience with my child and the rest of the cast, but I get to share this experience with everyone who walks through the doors.  What a Feeling! To know that I was a part of something so great, that for a moment, even if just for a few hours, everyone in the audience can forget their troubles, worries, or fears and feel the excitement that Mary Poppins brings to life!

From the lighting, the sets, the music,and choreography to the cast and crew, this show is one you don’t want to miss!  You can have a “Jolly Holiday” with Mary or “Step in Time” with Bert and his sweeps, but one thing’s for sure… You will leave feeling SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!