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A Feather in Your Cap… or Hat!

Anyone who has even been around any aspect of community theatre knows the expression “many hands make light work.” While that may or may not be true, it certainly resonates with our season opening production of My Fair Lady. The show’s elaborate costumes are under the design of Janet Kile. Janet has worked with all the theaters in the Midlands and surrounding areas throughout the last two decades. She has worked both on and off stage. According to Janet, she has a preference for the off stage component which allows her to, “bring the show to life with color and texture.”

And that she does! One of the popular scenes of My Fair Lady involves the horse race at Ascot. Men don their white gloves and spats while the ladies of the era showcase elaborate hats. The lack of color — restricted to black and white — is also critical for the Ascot look. As such, Janet gathered a group of costuming crusaders with hopes of creating perfect Ascot hats for the production. Not only did she want the look to be just right — she wanted to have fun while doing it! On Labor Day, while many enjoyed the sun and surf, Janet and her team of wonders had a tea party in the lobby at 1012 Sumter Street and did their very best to exemplify how, when working together, the load becomes lighter.

Janet, alongside Nan Weaver, Jean Lomasto, Nancy Dunlap, Sandra Willis, Jillian Carey and Becky Patrick (who also doubles as a cast member), enjoyed high tea while crafting the afternoon away. Feathers, ribbons, gemstones, flowers, accoutrements galore — you name it. If it was black and/or white and could be affixed to a hat — indeed it was!  With a primary purpose of working mightily on one the show’s iconic looks, Janet was sure to make sure that the bedazzling bonnet brigade enjoyed their afternoon — complete with cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs,  petit fours and, of course, tea! The luncheon was catered by Ripley Thames.

“Hats off” to all of our wonderful volunteers who made the afternoon so much fun. And, of course, we also “tip our hat” to costumer Janet Kile.IMG_0461