Town Teen Troupe (T3) and Town Tween Audition Details

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Please prepare a monologue (no more than one minute) from a source of your choice.

Please prepare up to 2 musical pieces (contrasting styles, if you do more than 1). Each selection should be no more than 90 seconds in duration. We will NOT have an accompanist at the audition so please bring your music on a phone or device that you can connect to a speaker via Bluetooth.

As a part of your audition, you may be asked one or more of the following questions. Please give some thought to your responses in advance.

  • If selected, what is your goal of being a part of this auditioned troupe?
  • What would you consider to be your strongest area ~ singing, acting, dancing?
  • What would you consider to be the area where you need/want the most work ~ singing, acting, dancing?
  • Do you have specific goals regarding performing beyond middle and/or high school?
  • Outside of performing/theatre, what do you do for fun?

About the audition/tips:

If your song makes you want to move, MOVE! Feel free to show expression ~ in fact, we’d love for you to do so! Your vocal audition is NOT a vocal recital. We are looking to see you shine and show your personality.

Make sure each of your song/monologue selections sticks to our time limits.

Auditions will be private. Parents ~ we know how much you support your young person but we do ask you to remain in the lobby during the audition.

The audition will be very conversational in nature.

We may invite you to do a part of your song or a part of your monologue a second time after giving you some direction. Relax, this is just so we can see how you respond and to see what other options you might be able to give us in your audition.

Wear something that makes you feel fantastic! Your smile will be your greatest accessory.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to email Town Theatre’s Executive Director, Shannon Scruggs, at

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