You know the song… “the costumes, the scenery, the make up, the lights…the audience that lifts you when you’re down.” These are the very bedrock of what we offer at Town Theatre and we have proudly done so for 103 seasons. Bringing quality live theatre productions to the stage is what we love to do! Ticket sales and memberships support these efforts, but in reality, they are just a portion of what is needed. We diligently apply for grant funds and seek sponsorships to help fund shows of the magnitude that you expect of us and that we continue to expect of ourselves.

And, we look to you. The support of our donors throughout the years ~ especially during the precarious time of COVID ~ was truly more meaningful than we could ever imagine. We are beyond grateful to be back on the stage and stronger than ever with live community theatre performances featuring the finest talent in the Midlands and beyond!

Making a gift to our general campaign today will ensure our productions continue to expand and flourish.

See you at the theatre!

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