Centennial Donors

We are grateful to these individuals who have made a commitment to Town’s Centennial Campaign.

* denotes a lead gift

Major Corporate Support

Abacus Planning Group

Gift of Stock

Sue Wyatt Holmes

The Reed Legacy

Denotes a pledge of $10,000

Thomas P. Monahan*
Thomas & Shannon Scruggs*
Mike & Sandra Willis*

The 1919 Society 

Denotes a pledge of $5,000

Robert & Mary Lynn Barnette*
Patrick & Renee McCormick
Michael & Rebecca Seezen*
Scott & Lori Stepp
Betty Walters
Carl & Nancy White*
Bobby & Barbara Williams* in memory of Anna Rose Tronco Williams

Town Producer

Denotes a gift/pledge of $2,500

James & Eve Blaikie*
Ken & Penni Breivik* in honor of their marriage
Shelvie Burnside Belser* in honor of Mike & Sandra Willis
John & Ann Bowles
The Comer Family (Brian, Nici, Ella Grace, Addie Mac & Jasper)
Allan & Julie Fulmer*
Rusty & Betsy Jackson* in honor of Nathan Jackson 
Keith Marsh & Jill Areheart*
Gabe & Donna Saleeby*
South State Bank

Centennial Club

Denotes a gift/pledge of $1,000

Anonymous (multiple)
Tim & Agnes Babb*
Mary Beth Sims Branham in memory of M. Wesley Brax
Don Caughman in honor of Mike & Sandra Willis
Jason Buckland & Amanda Goins* in honor of Emma Goins-Buckland
John & Delores Derrick*
Allen & Phyllis Dixon*
Marc & Patty Drews
Gaye Fann
Delores & Lloyd Liles
Ashley Lindler ~ Matilda Jane Clothing*
Lois J. Mahoney* in honor of Marsha J. Murdock 
Rebecca Mustian*
Dennis & Sharon O’Keefe*
Jeff & Laura Riley in honor of Ella Riley
Robert & Rachel Sanders* in honor of Addison & Anna Claire Sanders 
The Sawicki Family*
Bill Schmidt
Gayle Stewart*
Valorie Songer
Ms. Kerry Stubbs* in memory of Dr. Will Moreau 
David Swicegood
John & Barbara Wrisley*

Gifts $500 ~ $999

Kevin & Jennifer Asbill in honor of Lauren Asbill
Dream Church Columbia
Stephen & Pam Kirkland*
Jane Brooks Mays*
Steve Valder

“Thank you, Places”

Denotes a gift/pledge of $250 ~ a name in parenthesis is the name included on the actors/crew plaque if it differs from donor name

David & Tiffany Beitz (Nicholas Beitz)
MaryBeth Berry* (Blaize Berry)
Joann D. Broome* in memory of William E. Broome
Jason Buckland & Amanda Goins* (Emma Goins-Buckland)
Pamela Ahearn-Chalfant (The Chalfant Sisters)
Chip & Cortlin Collins* in memory of Catherine Hope Collins
Bill & Jackie DeWitt* (Bill DeWitt) in memory of Ben & Carolyn DeWitt
Gerald Floyd*
James Galluzzo*
Elisabetta Gasparini* (Zachary Hammond) in memory of Matthew
Elisa Giangiorgi* (Sophia Giangiorgi)
Julian Gibbons*
Ranette & John Haas*
Don & Gail Harrison in honor of Freda Crawford
Kathy Hartzog*
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hendrix*
Todd & Kristin Horzen* in honor of Shannon Willis Scruggs
Shirley Grace McGuinness* in memory of Dr. Will Moreau
Allison McNeely* in honor of Al McNeely
Sadie Medlock*
Kristy O’Keefe* in memory of Celeste O’Keefe
Philip, Charlotte & Blakesley Rhett* (Blakesley Rhett)
Kerri Roberts* in honor of Gracyn, Maddie & Ellie
Sarah & Charles Seastrunk
Gayle Stewart*
Jerrold A. Watson & sons in memory Mrs. Jerrold A. Watson “Tiz”


Other Gifts

Phillip Arnone
Joseph & Mary Audet
Joan Baker
Kitty Batchelor
Joshua Bennett
Alan Bentrup
Summer Blair
Bill & Sallie Boggs in honor of Sandra Willis, Nancy White & Shannon

Timothy Boyd
Lindsay Bradberry
Anne Brasington
Joseph Brewer
Larry & Lisa Bryant
Mary Bynum
Kathleen Cannon
Maria Capili
Stewart Carter
Liz Chassereau
Lori Colaco
Marcia Conley
George Crow
Lynn Davis
Will Davis
Janice DiMaria
Christine Dingeldine
Beth Drake in honor of Sowell Gray 
Connor Etcheon
Sue Ferguson
Dawn Fisher
Samuel Friedman
David Galassie
Janet Glenn
Stephen Gilbert
Melissa Gilliland
Rakesh Godavari
Charles Goodrich
Faye Goolsby
Carla Harman
Tiffany Heitzman
Anna Hellkamp
Amanda Hines
Elizabeth Hutto
Neil Jenkins
Erin Johnson
Kristie Jones
Jerry & Mary Frances Jowers
Jill Long
Claude & Betty Lott
Heather Medlin
Peggy Miller
Jessica Minor
Becky Patrick
Ellen Adair Parker
Betsy Peterson
Susan Pikulski
Satish Prabhu
Harold Prater
Malinda Prescott
Nancy Probst
Dennis Pruitt
Lisa J. Pruitt
Lynne & Everett Reynolds
Paul Richter
Lannie Rogerson
Charles Russell
Richard Scott
Barbara Shealy
Sheila & Mark Shelby
Priscilla Sims in memory of Wesley Brax
Delbert Simmons
Anne Slater
Diane Smith
Patti Smyer
Sharon Spring
Linda Steele
Marie Stiles
Rebecca Swain
Bruce Thomas
Judith Thompson
Robin Todd
Joseph Trykowski
Jessica Velders
Agnes Walker
Maggi Walsh
Lindsay Weathers
Suzette Wilson

We are also grateful for matching gifts from Colonial Life and the McNair Foundation as well as ongoing support from The Bostick Trust.

Please contact town@townetheatre.com if you see an error or wish to be listed differently.

Updated as of 10/18/18

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