Miracle on 34th Street: The Musical Auditions

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” as Town Theatre holds auditions for a musical version of the Classic Holiday Film, Miracle on 34th Street.

Saturday, July 22 at 10:00 AM ~ children ages 8-11
Sunday, July 23 at 7:00 PM & Monday, July 24 at 7:00 PM ~ ages 12-through adult.

Adults and Teens, please bring 16 measures of a song that demonstrates your range in the style of the show (the show, originally entitled Here’s Love, premiered on Broadway in 1963). An accompanist will be provided. Children 8 to 11 will be taught a short song to sing. If you would like to be accompanied by a track, please bring an mp3 player that can be attached to digital speakers. Dress comfortably for the dance aspect of the audition. Tappers, please bring tap shoes. Strong Ballet and Tap Dancers Needed.

Get your audition form HERE.

The production will be directed by Charlie Goodrich with Sharon Altman as musical director and Christy Shealy Mills as choreographer. The production will run December 1 to 17. For more information, please contact

All roles are available including:

Doris Walker
Lead. Special Event Coordinator for Macy’s Department Store. She is a driven career woman and free thinker, who has recently divorced. Her experiences have made her cynical and unsentimental.  Devoted Mother to Susan. Rich acting and singing role. Vocal Solos: “Arm and Arm,” “You Don’t Know,” “Look Little Girl (Reprise),” “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” “Nothing in Common,” “My State My Kansas,” “Love Come Take Me Again.”

Gender: Female, Age: 30-45, Mezzo

Susan Walker
Lead. Daughter to Doris. She is wise beyond her years and a self-sufficient city girl. A wonderful acting and singing role.  Vocal Solos: “Arm and Arm,” “My Wish,” “Here’s Love,” “Expect Things to Happen.” Preferable Dance Soloist in “Toy Ballet.” Ballet experience a plus.

Gender: Female, Age: 8 to 11 *No Girls Over 11 Will Be Considered for Susan* *This role will be double cast.* Alto

Fred Gaily
Lead. A tall, handsome Military Captain mustering out into civilian life as a lawyer. Smart, hopeful and warm. Neighbor and potential love interest to Doris.  Vocal Solos: “My Wish,” “Look Little Girl,” “She Hadda Go Back.”

Gender: Male, Age: 30 to 45, Bari-Tenor

Kris Kringle
Lead. Kind old man who believes he is Santa Claus. He embodies all of the classic characteristics of the jolly, friendly, warm-hearted icon. A strong, multi-layered character. Ability to grow a long beard a plus! Vocal Solos: “The Bugle,” “Here’s Love,” “Pinecones and Holly Berries,” “Expect Things to Happen.”

Gender: Male, Age: 55 to 70, Baritone

Marvin Shellhammer
Lead. An aggressive but somewhat bungling junior executive and the head of Public Relations at Macy’s. Comedic Role.  Vocal Solos: “Plastic Alligators,” “Pinecones and Holly Berries,” “My State My Kansas.”

Gender: Male, Age: 25 to 45, Bari-Tenor

R.H. Macy
Lead. The boss of Macy’s. Very concerned with public opinion. Vocal Solos: “That Man Over There is Santa Claus,” “My State My Kansas.”

Gender: Male, Age: 45 to 65, Baritone

Dr. Sawyer
Supporting. Macy’s store psychologist. A scheming person. The villain of the story. The actor cast as Dr. Sawyer will also play cameo roles in other scenes.

Gender: Male or Female, Age: 30+, Non-Singing Role

Judge Martin Group
Supporting. A judge who finds himself in a sticky position. The actor who plays Judge Group will play other roles in Act 1. Vocal Solos on “My State My Kansas.”

Gender: Male or Female, Age: 40+, Tenor

Tammany O’Halloran
Supporting. A political boss, who has influence over Judge Group. This actor will play other cameo roles in Act 1. Excellent Vocal Solo on “My State My Kansas.”

Gender: Male, Age: 40+, Tenor

Thomas Mara, Sr.
Supporting. The District Attorney that tries to prove that Kris Kringle is not the real Santa Claus. Will sing in other parts of the show.

Gender: Male, Age: 30+, Baritone

Featured. A Dutch orphan miserable in her new home, until she recognizes Kris as the real Santa. Speaks/sings in Dutch. Vocal Solo: “The Bugle.”

Gender: Female, Age: 8 to 11, Alto *No Girls Over 11 Will Be Considered for Hendrika*

Harry Finfer
Featured. One of Santa’s biggest fans. Visits Macy’s with his mother. Will sing in many numbers, including “Big Clown Balloon” and “Here’s Love.”

Gender: Male, Age: 8-11

Tommy Mara, Jr.
Featured. District Attorney’s son. Testifies on Kris Kringle’s behalf. Will sing in many numbers, including “Big Clown Balloon,” “Here’s Love,” and “That Man Over There is Santa Claus.”

Gender: Male, Age: 8-11

Alvin Whitey, Climber
Featured. Marine buddies of Fred’s. Vocal Solo: “She Hadda Go Back.” These actors will play other characters throughout the show and sing/dance in the ensemble.

Gender: Male, Age: 25-40, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass

Miss Crookshank
Featured. Dr. Sawyer’s kindhearted secretary that defends Kris Kringle.  This actress will play other characters throughout the show and sing/dance in the ensemble.

Gender: Female, Age: 20-40, Soprano or Alto

Adult/Teen Ensemble
15-20 Adults and/or Teens to fill several speaking roles, vocal solos, and dance numbers. (Characters include: Shoppers, Santa Visitors, Parade Performers, Courtroom Personnel, Macy’s Staff, Secretaries, Policemen, Parade Spectators, Citizens of NYC, etc. )(Song and Dance opportunities in “Macy’s Parade,” “Here’s Love,” “Toy Ballet,” etc.) Tap and ballet a plus for those wanting to dance.

Children’s Ensemble
7-8 Children (ages 8 to 11) to fill some speaking roles, vocal solos, and dance numbers. (Characters include: Santa Visitors, Parade Performers, Parade Spectators, Shoppers, etc.) (Song and Dance opportunities in “Macy’s Parade,” “Here’s Love,” “Toy Ballet,” etc.)  Some roles will be double cast.  Ballet experience a plus.

Future Auditions
Big Fish
Directed by Allison McNeely
Musical direction by Amanda Hines
Choreography by Shannon Scruggs

Sunday, September 24 & Monday, September 25 at 7:30 PM

The Game’s Afoot
Directed by Milena Herring

Sunday, December 3 & Monday, December 4 at 7:30 PM

Directed by Cindy Flach
Musical direction by Greg Boatwright
Choreography by Heather Stokes

Sunday, January 21 & Monday, January 22 at 7:30 PM


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