new auditions

Join Town this summer as we bring Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka to chocolate-covered life!
Auditions will be held as follows:

Saturday, April 1
10:00 AM
Students ages 6 to 10 will be taught a song and a dance. Those cast from this age group (in general) will fill ensemble positions such as Oompa Loompas, squirrels, cooks, etc.

11:00 AM
Students ages 11 to 14 will be taught a song (and will sing individually) and a dance. This age group will also read for the roles of Charlie, Augustus, Veruca, Violet and Mike. This age group will also fill ensemble roles as noted above.

Sunday, April 2 and Tuesday, April 4
7:00 PM
Students age 15 and up adults of all ages should prepare 36 measures of a song of your choice. Dress comfortably for movement. Time permitting, readings for all roles (including the teen roles of Charlie, Augustus, Veruca, Violet and Mike) may take place. Otherwise, readings will be held at callbacks at a later date. Those auditioning only need to attend one night of auditions.

All roles are available and all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.
The show will run July 21 to August 6 under the direction of Shannon Scruggs and musical direction by Jeremy Reasoner. If you have questions, please email

Download the audition form here.

All roles are open.
Willy Wonka (Male, 30-55)
: enigmatic, charismatic, moves well, strong baritone.

Charlie Bucket (Male, 9-14): emotional heart and soul, enthusiastic. Legit voice, must be able to handle the demands of lead role, moves well, tap a plus, tenor.

Candy Man (Male, 30-55): engaging, fun to watch, legit voice, tenor.

Phineous Trout (Male or Female 18-55): the reporter who announces Golden Ticket winners, vocal range open.

Grandpa Joe (Male, 35-70): must play a believable “grandpa” but the specific age is open, caring, patient, sweet. Strong actor, singing secondary, moves well.

Mr. Bucket (Male, 25-45): Charlie’s father, nurturing, moves well, baritone.

Mrs. Bucket (Female, 25-45): Charlie’s mother, nurturing, moves well, soprano.

Grandparents (Males & Females, 35-70): must play believable grandparents, specific age open, comic relief of the story.

Augustus Gloop (Male, 13-18): overachieving eater who represents the evils of eating too much, German accent, legit character singer.

Mrs. Gloop (Female, 30-55): Augustus’ mother, character actor, takes risks, legit voice, alto.

Veruca Salt (Female, 13-18): bratty, will consider other ages, who can play this range. British accent, legit voice, soprano.

Mr. Salt (Male, 35-55): Veruca’s dad, strong actor, minimal singing.

Violet Beuregarde (Female, 13-18): arrogant, will consider actors outside of range who can play the range, Southern accent a plus, legit voice, soprano.

Mrs. Beauregard (Female, 30-50): Violet’s mother, strong actor, minimal singing, Southern accent.

Mike Teavee (Male, 13-18): obnoxious, strong actor, will consider older actors who can play the range, legit voice, tenor.

Ms. Teavee (Female, 30-50): a put together mom a la TV moms of the distant past, a bit vacant, strong actor, minimal singing.

Ensemble (all ages) featured singing and non-singing roles for all ages, must sing and move well to play the characters of James, Matilda, Sophie, Danny, Alfie, Chorus of Cooks, Squirrels, the ever famous Oompa Loompas and a few surprises!

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