Town’s Re-Entry Policies and Procedures

The following guidelines are intended to make those entering Town Theatre as comfortable and confident in our return as possible. Our goal is to create an environment where guests can feel safe at the theatre. Of course, individuals will still have a choice whether to attend based on their personal discretion.

We have air purification systems in the house, in the Moreau Youth Theatre Wing and the green room/dressing rooms that use needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology to deliver clean indoor air.

We have a ULV Cold Fogger and HOCl maker – allowing Town to generate and distribute disinfectant on site.

Town Theatre spaces will be cleaned and disinfected per SCDHEC Guidelines including sanitizing shared items such as props and microphones. A focus will be placed on high touch point areas backstage and in the dressing areas.

If an audience member, cast member, production team member or crew person is sick or exhibiting symptoms, they will be asked to stay home.

We will have mandatory temperature checks for anyone entering the facility. Anyone with a fever over 100.4 will not be permitted to enter and should stay home until fever free for 48-hours.

Before entering the building, everyone will be offered hand sanitizer at the station outside of their entrance.

Masks will be required for audience, staff and production crew unless there is a medical condition prohibiting such. Actors will be spaced on stage and will be wearing masks while backstage and in common areas.

The theatre will use multiple entrances and exits to separate guests and performers.

The theatre will have an overall reduced capacity to allow for more distance between groups as well as use of multiple areas to permit small groupings.

Seating capacity will be greatly reduced with distancing between units. There will be two vacant seats separating each party, one vacant seat in front of you as well as one vacant seat behind you. Our ticketing system automatically will generate this separation. The first two rows will not be available. If you need the wheelchair seat, please let us know.

For performances, actors will be assigned separate areas for dressing and waiting when not on stage. We will rely on theatre staff and consistent backstage support so that we are limiting the numbers of people entering the rear of the theatre.

Performers will be asked to do hair and makeup at home so that time in the dressing room spaces is limited. Call times may be staggered.

Choreography and blocking may be altered to accommodate for additional spacing between performers as well as the audience.

We are requesting that cast and crew members refrain from participating in other large non-social distanced gatherings during the rehearsal/performance process.