You Can’t Take It With You

Director: Milena Herring


Welcome to the Vanderhof’s home wherein lives a slightly batty New York City family. Grandpa lives for sheer joy rather than for achievement, ambition or financial gain. Daughter Penny labors without distinction as a would-be playwright of melodramas while her husband, Paul, spends his days making fireworks in the cellar. Penny and Paul’s children are also in the nest — a ballerina in her own mind, Essie, and Alice, the “normal” one. When Alice becomes engaged to the boss’ son at the Wall Street firm where she works, a predictable clash ensues when he brings his uptight parents over to meet the prospective in-laws… one evening BEFORE they are supposed to arrive!

Last seen at Town in 1947, we’re glad the Vanderhof family is back!


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Megan Moore Memories caught up with David Reed and Becky Hunter this week before a rehearsal. Hear what they have to say. We agree, it’s gonna be a great night!

Columbia Stage Society's Town Theatre